• There are two rows of CF corrugated fasteners, the red color row shows the back of knife blade, another row shows the knife blade side.
  • There are two rows of W corrugated fasteners, the red/grey color row shows the back side of knife blade, another row shows the knife blade side.
  • There are two rows of X corrugated fasteners, the grey color row shows the back side of knife blade, another row shows the knife blade side.
  • Common nails
  • Five piece of roofing nails: three pieces with twilled thread and two pieces with smooth shank.
  • Many pieces of steel cut masonry nails.
  • Six sets of C ring staples are orderly placed together.
  • Plastic strip nails and paper strip nails
  • The variety of nails

Iron wire nails for building and construction using

Iron wire nails is widely used in many fields for its various of types. Iron nails we often see is pointed hard metal, and as fixed wood and other objects. The nails finished types: Good polished, flat head, diamond point, in addition, we also have corrugated nails, common round nails and steel nails. Our nails are good for wood and bricks.

The wire nails standard specifications:
Size: 3/4" × 18G, 1" × 14G, 1.5" × 14G, 2" × 12G, 2.5" × 11G, 3" × 10G, 4" × 9G, 4.5" × 9G, 5.5" × 4G, 6" × 6G, etc.
Length: 3/8" - 7".
The diameter: 2.2mm - 6mm.
Standard sizes of common roofing nails.
Specs Model: 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1 - 1/8", 1 - 1/4", 1 - 1/2", 1 - 3/4", 3".
Length: 1/2" - 3".
Shank Diameter (in): 0.120.
Finished: Electro galvanized, HD galvanized.

According to types, here are roofing nails, fluted nails, duplex nails, bullet nails, lost-head nails, plastic strip nails, etc.

According to materials, our factory can supply stainless steel nails, wooden steel nails, dark copper nails, brass wire nails and so on.

Apart from the above, we also have specific nails for its use, such as concrete nails, building nails.

Packed 5Kg/box, Nails and Box Weight 5Kg, and 4 Boxes/Carton.
Box from high density cardboard with thickness not less 5mm.
Each carton has small bag of absorbent for humidity absorption in order to avoid rusting.
Each container has 4 big bags of absorbent for humidity absorption in order to avoid rusting in each corner.

We also supply corrugated fasteners (corrugated nails) for the wood corner frame connection, the joining together of wood, solid wood furniture tenon reinforcement, crack wood repair purposes. Corrugated nail edge to chisel, and can be easily into the wood, and form a certain angle between the wave, can put the wood clamping, eliminate the gap, is the other nail could not do it! Corrugated fasteners are mainly used for docking board, splicing, corner connection, such as sofa framework skeleton, real wood door, solid wood, furniture, etc. CF corrugated nails, W corrugated nails, and X corrugated nails are all in our range.

And we can do mixed container as your request.

If you want to learn more about our products and company information, please pay attention to our news, where has new specifications and new products and you can mail us.

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Principle of employing cadres: Employment based on ability; appointment based on integrity; study for application; all-round development.

Hot Products
Corrugated Nails / Corrugated Fasteners

Corrugated fasteners are suitable for wood corner frame connection, CF8/CF10/CF13/CF15, X04/X06/X08/X10, W8/W9/W12/W15 corrugated nails offered.

Weld Pins

Weld pins pin dia. 0.105" 0.135", nail head dia. 0.20", 0.22", 0.25", washer dia. 1.00", washer thickness 0.015" he washer is slightly cupped at the edge. Packing in round plastic buckets at 5,000pcs per bucket and palletized.

Stainless Steel Nails

Stainless steel nails are finished with stainless steel wire. This material nails have stainless steel common round nails, stainless steel roofing nails and ring shank nails.

Roofing Nails

Galvanized roofing nails umbrella head twisted shank (4.20 × 65mm), nails net weight 48 LBS/box; Plain roofing nails, the 2 inch and 2 - 1/2 inch.




Wire nail, can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel, with or without head can be used for building and construction.

Common nail, including common iron nail, galvanized iron nail, with bright finish and diamond point is hot ordered by customers.

About plastic strip nails, bullet head nails size, materials, surface treatment, and packing detailed description.

Screw nails description and parameter: Including types, nails length, nails materials, packing and more info.