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Cut Masonry Nail

Hardened Steel Cut Masonry nails are ideal for attaching wood members to cinder block walls as well as to fresh concrete. The blunt point and tapered shank cause minimal spalling during penetration and offer even greater pull-out resistance than wire masonry nails. 3/4'' penetration is recommended for satisfactory holding power. Also recommended for face-nailing hardwood flooring. Use safety glasses when driving any hardened nails.

Technical Info:
Cut masonry nail is made of high-quality low-carbon-steel.
Finish: Electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, blunt point and tapered shank reduce splitting.
Sizes of Masonry Nail: 1" - 4", 3d - 20d.
Packing: Bulk, box, bag, or according to customers' requests.

Uses: Cut masonry nail is mainly used for attaching wood to hinder block, mortar joints, brick walls, and fresh concrete.

Cut masonry nails sizes:

Cut Masonry Nail
Size Gauge Head Size Approx. Count Per Pound
1 - 1/4" 3D N/A N/A 115
1 - 1/2" 4D N/A N/A 125
2" 6D N/A N/A 85
2 - 1/4" 7D N/A N/A 78
2 - 1/2" 8D N/A N/A 64
3" 10D N/A N/A 48
3 - 1/4" 12D N/A N/A 32
3 - 1/2" 16D N/A N/A 34
4" 20D N/A N/A 29

Eight pieces of cut masonry nails.
CMN-01: Cut masonry nails with length changing from 30 mm to 150 mm.

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