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Wooden Steel Nails

We have various of specifications iron nails, steel nails and other nails.

Wooden steel nails specifications:

  • Size: 6cm, with diameter 3.4mm.
  • Size: 8cm, with diameter 4.00mm.
  • Size: 10cm, with Diam. 5.00mm.
  • Size: 12cm, with Diam. 5.2mm.
  • Packing: 25Kgs/Bag.

Steel nails:

  • Size: 5cm Diameter 3.4mm.
  • Size: 7cm Diameter 4.0mm.
  • Size: 9cm Diameter 5.0mm.
  • Size: 10cm Diameter 5.5mm.
  • Packing: 100Kgs/Bag.

Wooden Steel NailsWooden Steel Nails

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