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Iron Wire Nails

Iron wire nails specifications, umbrella head roofing nails, common iron nails, concrete nails, galvanized iron nails.

New Specifications of Iron Nail

Here mainly detailed descriptions of 20 - 22 degree framing nails and 15 degree common nails new specifications.

Hot Dip Galvanized Common Nails

Hot dip galvanized common nails with the iron wire or steel wire materials are with the galvanized surface treatment. Common nails are widely used in furniture, buildings and construction.

Iron Nails Specifications

We supply various types iron nails. Here mainly introduce roofing nails, galvanized square boat nails, lost head nails, common wire nails and hardboard nails specifications and package.

Common Flat Wire Nail

Common Flat Wire Nail can be processed by galvanized or ONLY polished, and it is widely used in many areas. This nail has various of specifications and features.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Nails

Hot dipped galvanized wire nails are common used in construction purpose, wooden cases and furniture. We can provide various of specifications of this nails. Customers can free chose according to their needs.

High Carbon Wire Nails

High carbon wire nails have some types and specifications.

Wire Nails Types And Sizes

Plastic strip collation vinyl coated halfway up nail shank bright basic wire smooth shank, HDG smooth shank, shank bright basic wire screw shank, shank smooth shank bright basic wire.

The latest stock list

the latest stock list of nails, and we also sell common galvanized wire.

Drill point screw and bolt

Drill point screw with hexagonal head and black steel nuts

New iron nails products gutter screw on show

Screw gut or gutter screw is one type iron nail. Screw gut is made of nickel steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire. The nail sizes are wire diameter and nail length.