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Wire Nail: Roof/Concrete/Building/Finishing Nail

Wire nail, can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel, with or without head can be used for building and construction.

Common Nail with Plain Shank

Common nail, including common iron nail, galvanized iron nail, with bright finish and diamond point is hot ordered by customers.

Plastic Strip and Bullet Head Nails

About plastic strip nails, bullet head nails size, materials, surface treatment, and packing detailed description.

Screw Nails Description

Screw nails description and parameter: Including types, nails length, nails materials, packing and more info.

Wire Nails Description

Umbrella head roofing nails and common nails are widely used in many fields due to different types and specifications.

Several Types Nails New Specification

Here mainly introduce polishes shank nails, round lost and duplex head nails new specifications and features.

Wire and Round Common Nails

Wire nails and round common nails detailed specifications: wire diameter, nails length, nails shank types, package and more info.

Various Types Nails

Common nails: Plastic strip nails, screw nails, roofing nails, concrete nails, galvanized steel nails, carbon steel nails specifications info.

Iron Wire Nails Info

Iron wire nails and roofing nails new size: length, diameter, specs model, shank diameter and more info.

Common Nails and Concrete Nails

Common nails and concrete nails new specifications: Including nails sizes and packing detailed description.

Common Nails Specifications

Common nails, screw nails specification: Including length size, approx.carton and diameter info.

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