Cut Masonry Nails – Distinctive Head, Tapered Shank and Blunt Point

Cut masonry nails, with blunt point and tapered shank, are made of hardened steel. Hardened steel, a very hard steel type, has a hardness greater than HRC50. Blunt point and tapered shank are designed for minimal spalling and splitting during operation, so as to offer a greater withdrawal resistance than other nails. These nails are specially used for hard materials such as cinder block, concrete and masonry. The head can be squared or wrought to create a distinctive and decorative finishing surface. So cut masonry nails are very popular in new and historic projects. Tips: do not forget use safety glasses when driving any hardened nails.

Steel Nails Catalog

There are eight cut masonry nails with square head.


  • Outstanding durability and holding power.
  • Minimal splitting during penetration.
  • High resistant to withdrawal.
  • High resistant to bending.
  • Various surface coatings for increased durability.
  • Various nail sizes for different requirements.


  • Material: hardened steel.
  • Material model: Q195, Q215, Q235.
  • Hardness: > HRC 50°.
  • Head: square, wrought.
  • Shank type: tapered.
  • Length: 1-1/2" – 20".
  • Point: blunt.
  • Surface treatment: bright, electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized.
  • Package: 25 kg/carton, 40 cartons/pallet, or as your demand.
Nail background


There are four cut masonry nails with square and wrought head.

Square or wrought head

There are several cut masonry nails with different sizes.

Full range of sizes & materials

Cut masonry nails are packed into boxes.

Can be packed into boxes


A diagram picture of cut masonry nails.
Table 1: Specification of Cut Masonry Nails
Table 1: Specification of Cut Masonry Nails
Item No. Size (d) Length (inch) Rod Diameter (inch) Head (inch) No./lb
XCM-01 4 1-1/2 0.120 0.156 × 0.250 125
XCM-02 6 2 0.120 0.188 × 0.313 85
XCM-03 8 2-1/2 0.120 0.219 × 0.313 64
XCM-04 10 3 0.130 0.250 × 0.375 48
XCM-05 11 3-1/2 0.145 0.250 × 0.375 34


  • Projects
    • Masonry work.
    • Restoration work.
  • Substrates
    • Hinder block.
    • Mortar joints.
    • Brick walls.
    • Stone.
    • Reinforced concrete.
  • Purpose
    • Wood members fixation.
  • Note
    • Should not be used in treated lumber.
    • Should not be used where surface rust is unacceptable.
The wooden shelf is secured with cut masonry nails.

Secure wood shelf to concrete wall

Workers are cutting the stone with cut masonry nails.

Cut the stone with cut masonry nails

Use cut masonry nail to secure the window frame.

Secure window frame with cut masonry nail

Use cut masonry nails to fix the wooden frame.

Cut masonry nail for wooden frame

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