Horseshoe Nails – With Copper Coating for Antimicrobial Properties

Horseshoe nails, one of the horseshoeing tools,  are used to attach the shoes to the horse hoof. Both the nails and shoes are all designed for hoof care. Steel horseshoes can protect the hoof from wear and tear caused by friction and accumulated water. In addition, a proper horseshoe also makes the hoof grip the ground more firmly, which is good for riding and driving. But, a perfect horseshoe draft process is inseparable from the specific nails. The copper coated or copper nails not only hold the shoe in place but also cure the horses with white line disease and seedy toe (copper ions have been shown to destroy bacterial cell walls and penetrate into the microbes, causing them to be degraded and die).

Steel Nails Catalog

There are eight horseshoe nails.


  • Designed for hoof health of all horse types.
  • Copper coating has antimicrobial properties.
  • Improving hoof health been released.
  • Less microbial damage to the surrounding hoof tissue.
  • Smooth shank for different hoof wall angles.
  • Various nail types for different types of horseshoes.


  • Material: steel, copper.
  • Type: E, E Slim, EXL, ESL, JC, race, regular, city head.
  • Head diameter: 3.2–3.5 mm.
  • Size: E1-E14.
  • Length: 14–80 mm.
  • Shank type: smooth with bevelled edges.
  • Point: sharp.
  • Surface treatment: copper-coated
  • Package: packed in carton or plastic box, or as your requirements.
Nail background


Two E type horseshoe nails.

E type – a classic & multiple-used nail

Two E slim type horseshoe nails.

E slim – longer & thinner than the E-nail

Two EXL type horseshoe nails.

EXL type – with extra long & slim shank

Two MX type horseshoe nails.

MX type – for horses with very sensitive, thin hoof walls

Two JC type horseshoe nails.

JC – ideal for small ponies, work well with polyurethane shoes

Two RN type horseshoe nails.

RN type – a classic American nail for race horses

Two city head type horseshoe nails.

City head – for American made shoes

Two regular head type horseshoe nails.

Regular head – for heavy, pack &working horses


There are several copper horseshoe nails.

Copper horseshoe nails

There are several steel horseshoe nails.

Steel horseshoe nails, available in copper-coating

A detailed picture show the smooth shank of the horseshoe nail.

Smooth shank for minimum damage of hoof wall


A diagram picture of horseshoe nails.
Table 1: Specification of Horseshoe Nails
Table 1: Specification of Horseshoe Nails
E type E Slim type EXL type MX type
Size Length (mm) Size Length (mm) Size Length (mm) Size Length (mm)
E2 41 E Slim2 45.5 EXL8 62 MX45 45
E3 45 E Slim3 47.5 EXL9 65 MX50 51
E4 47.5 E Slim4 51 EXL10 70 MX55 54
E5 51 E Slim5 54 MX60 60.5
E6 54 E Slim6 57.5 MX65 65
E7 57 E Slim7 61 MX70 70
E8 62
E9 64
E10 68
E11 72
E12 77
E14 80
JC type RN City head Regular head
Size Length (mm) Size Length (mm) Size Length (mm) Size Length (mm)
JC00 41 RN3.5 38.5 CH4 45 REG4 45
JC0 45 RN3.5 XL 41 CH4.5 47.5 REG5 50
JC1 49 RN4.5 44 CH5 50 REG6 54
JC2 53 RN5 47 CH6 54 REG7 59
JC3 57 REG8 64
JC4 61 REG9 68
JC5 65 REG10 73
JC6 69 REG12 81
JC7 73 REG16 97


  • Saddle horses.
  • Working horses.
  • Racing horses.
  • Draught horses.
  • Saddle horses.
  • Ponies.
  • Show horses.
The hooves of show horse is protected with steel shoes and nails.

Horseshoe nails for show horse

The hooves of working horses are protected with steel shoes and nails.

Horseshoe nails for working horse

The horse shoe is secured with copper-plated horseshoe nails.

Copper horseshoe nails improve hoof health

The horse shoe of the heavy horse is drafted with copper-plated horseshoe nails.

Copper horseshoe nails for heavy horse

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