Square Boat Nails – Solid Steel Structure, Resistant to Withdrawal

Square boat nails, refer to galvanized steel or copper nails with square shanks, are a type of cutting nails or its derivative products. The square nail shank has a tapered section for increasing connecting area. Therefore, an excellent holding force is formed without splitting the fastening material. These special nails have a solid steel structure and are commonly used in wooden boat building and other hardwood construction projects. As an honest manufacturer, we know the importance of these nails to your projects. We will never cut corners, so as to ensure the performance of our products.

Steel Nails Catalog

There are five square boat nails.


  • Made of heavy duty steel wire.
  • Tapered square nail shank & sharp point.
  • Outstanding durability and holding power.
  • Various corrosion coatings for durability.
  • Great for historic renovation & preservation.
  • Complete styles, gauges and sizes are available.


  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass.
  • Material model: Q195, Q235, SS304, SS316.
  • Head: hexahedron, oval, rose or flat.
  • Head diameter: 0.157" – 0.472".
  • Shank type: square.
  • Diameter: 5–16 gauge.
  • Length: 4/5" – 6".
  • Point: diamond or blunt.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, copper coated.
  • Package: 20/25 kg per carton or as client requirement.
Nail background


Square boat nail with hexahedron head.

Hexahedron head

Square boat nail with tapered shank section.

Square shank

There are six square boat nails with different sizes.

Available in various sizes


A diagram picture of square boat nails.
Table 1: Specification of Square Boat Nails
Table 1: Specification of Square Boat Nails
Item No. Size (d) Length (inch) Diameter (gauge)
XBS-01 2 1 14
XBS-02 2 1 15
XBS-03 2 1 16
XBS-04 3 1-1/4 14
XBS-05 4 1-1/2 13
XBS-06 4 1-1/2 14
XBS-07 5 1-3/4 13
XBS-08 6 2 12
XBS-09 8 2-1/2 10
XBS-10 10 3 8
XBS-11 11 3-1/2 7
XBS-12 20 4 6
XBS-13 40 5 5
XBS-14 60 6 4


  • Boat building.
  • Historic renovation.
  • Hardwood flooring.
  • Vintage reproductions.
There are many square boat nails in the shipboard.

Square boat nails in shipboard

The new wooden boat is constructed with square boat nails.

Square boat nails for boat building

There are three nails in the board, and on the board is a hammer.

Square boat nails for hardwood

A craftsman is making a traditional wooden boat.

Square boat nails for traditional boatbuilding

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