Concrete Nails With Smooth, Straight Fluted & Twilled Fluted Shanks

With special materials, concrete nails are specialty nails compared with common iron nails . In practical application, people also used to call it masonry nails. These nails are the most popular fasteners for securing objects into masonry and other hard & brittle materials. There are complete types of concrete nails, including galvanized concrete nails, color concrete nails, black concrete nails, bluish concrete nails with various special nail heads and shank types. Shank types include smooth shank, twilled shank for different substrate hardness. With above features, concrete nails offer excellent piecing and fixing strength for firm and strong sites.

Steel Nails Catalog

There are five concrete nails with flat head.


  • Excellent anti-bending, anti-crack performance.
  • Fluted shank provide greatest holding power.
  • High resistant to withdrawal.
  • Various surface coatings for increased durability.
  • Various nail shank types for different requirements.


  • Material: carbon steel.
  • Material model: High carbon steel.
  • Hardness: > HRC 50°.
  • Head: round, oval, headless.
  • Head diameter: 0.051" – 0.472".
  • Shank type: smooth, straight fluted, twilled fluted.
  • Shank Diameter: 5–20 gauge.
  • Length: 0.5" – 10".
  • Point: diamond or blunt.
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized, blank zinc coated.
  • Package
    • 25 kg/carton.
    • Small packing: 1/1.5/2/3/5 kg/box.
    • As your demand.
Nail background


There are six concrete nails with smooth shank.

Concrete nails – smooth shank

There are four concrete nails with straight fluted shank.

Concrete nails – straight fluted

There are four concrete nails with twilled fluted shank.

Concrete nails – twilled fluted


There are seven concrete nails with flat head and diamond point.

Flat head & diamond point

There are five concrete nails with different sizes.

Full range of sizes & materials

Concrete nails are packed into boxes.

Can be packed into boxes


A diagram picture of concrete nails.
Table 1: Specification of Concrete Nails
Table 1: Specification of Concrete Nails
Item No. Size (d) Length (inch) Rod Diameter (gauge)
XCMN-01 3/8 20
XCMN-02 1/2 20/19/18
XCMN-03 5/8 19/18
XCMN-04 3/4 18/17
XCMN-05 7/8 18/17
XCMN-06 2 1 16
XCMN-07 3 1-1/4 15/14
XCMN-08 4 1-1/2 14
XCMN-09 5 1-3/4 13
XCMN-10 6 2 12/11
XCMN-11 8 2-1/2 11/10
XCMN-12 10 3 10/8
XCMN-13 16 3-1/2 8/7
XCMN-14 20 4 8/7/6
XCMN-15 30 4-1/2 7/6/5
XCMN-16 40 5 6/5
XCMN-17 60 6 6/5/4
XCMN-18 70 7 5/4


Concrete nails are used for various securing materials to concrete wall and blocks.

  • Projects
    • Building construction.
    • Home improvement projects.
  • Substrates
    • Cinder blocks.
    • Brick substrate.
    • Bamboo pieces.
  • Purpose
    • Furring strips fixation.
    • Wood framing fixation.
    • Metal base fixation.
    • Ledger board fixation.
    • Garage poured slab.
    • Hand rails fixation.
Secure wood slab to concrete wall with black concrete nail.

Secure wood slab to concrete wall

Secure wood slab to concrete floor with concrete nails.

Attaching wood to the concrete floor

Drive the masonry nail into concrete by a hammer.

Attaching wood step with concrete nails

Drive the masonry nail into common brick by a hammer.

Concrete nail for common brick substrate

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