Duplex Nails – Excellent Grip Force and Easy to Remove

Duplex nail, once called a scaffold nail, is now known as a double-headed nail. As the name suggests, its most distinctive feature is a double-headed head. The unique configuration is designed to for easy removal when a temporary construction projects finished. Workers can drive the nail until the lower head is flush with the material and extract the upper head with pull bar or the reverse end of a claw hammer. Duplex nails are ideally for temporary structures, such as braces, scaffolding, formwork for pouring concrete or attaching temporary cleats during roofing work.

Steel Nails Catalog

There are four duplex nails.


  • Designed for temporary structures.
  • Double head for easily dismantlement.
  • The lower head remains exposed.
  • As strong as common nails and reused.
  • Great holding power and resistant to bending.
  • Complete gauges, length and sizes are available.


  • Material: carbon steel, aluminum.
  • Material model: Q195, Q235, A36.
  • Diameter: 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 gauge.
  • Length: 1-3/4" –4".
  • Size: 6d to 30d.
  • Shank type: smooth.
  • Head type: double head.
  • Surface treatment: bright, polished.
  • Standard: ASTM F1667, ASTM A153.
  • Package: 11 lbs per box, 2 lbs per box or bag, 1 lb per bag, 55 lbs per carton and as your request.
Nail background


There are six duplex nails with round and flat head.

Round and flat head

Duplex nail with diamond point and smooth shank.

Diamond point & smooth shank

There are several round-headed nails with different sizes.

Full range of sizes available


A diagram picture of duplex nails.
Table 1: Specification of Duplex Nails
Table 1: Specification of Duplex Nails
Item No. Size (d) Length (inch) Diameter (inch) Head Distance. (inch) No./lb
XDN-01 5 1-3/4 0.113 1/4 160
XDN-02 7 2-1/4 0.131 1/4 90
XDN-03 9 2-3/4 0.148 5/16 59
XDN-04 10 3 0.162 3/8 45
XDN-05 11 3-1/2 0.192 3/8 28
XDN-06 20 4 0.207 7/16 22


  • Concrete pouring.
  • Scaffolding.
  • Temporary braces.
  • Wood construction.
  • Theatrical scenery.
Connect the wooden formwork with double-headed nails.

Duplex nails for wooden formwork

Remove the duplex nails with the reverse end of a claw hammer.

Duplex nails is easy to remove

Built the formwork for concrete pouring with double-headed nails.

Duplex nails for concrete form

Secure the wooded slabs with duplex nails.

Duplex nails for wood connection

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